Thursday, June 26, 2003

Overwhelming giddiness

As I read my elder friend John Ferguson's blog, I found that my own wretched blogging existence had become a much more accessible read for many. A strange feeling of happiness filled me as I pondered the thought that wandering internet surfers might venture into my narcissism. As I went to visit my friend Osama ben Dunson's diary of diatribes, I saw that there, too, was a link to my own life. At this point, I was near tears (of joy), thinking of my newfound credibility and cultural relevance. Please excuse me. I need to take some time to settle down. One shouldn't get too happy.

Quotable quote

Do you ever notice how much more comfortable you are in a comfortable situation as opposed to an uncomfortable one? Now, go ahead, laugh at my stupidity; that was intended. However, as I think about my own tendencies, slightly uncomfortable situations cause me to feel completely uncomfortable, and not know what to say. My point is only that I am very influenced by my perceived surroundings, and I am also very afraid of people I don't feel extremely comfortable around. Now, please know that my question is only a rhetorical one. Though I would love for people to point out my stupidity directly, there is no comment box on my blog for readers to respond through. So I will be happily unaware.

Saturday, June 14, 2003

Not so good.

My father and I were playing a friendly game of basketball, when it suddenly degenerated into my dad headbutting me in the face, causing profuse bleeding from the nose! Actually, it was an accident, but my nose was really hurting, and is starting to take a different shape. For all who are interested, I was losing, 22-21 at the time, and it was game point for my dad. As I came inside, my mother welcomed me in with reminders of her pre-game warnings of, "Your dad plays pretty aggressively, and I think you might get hurt." Don't worry, I still haven't paid any attention.

Friday, June 13, 2003