Wednesday, December 09, 2009

It's 3 days late, but Happy 4th Birthday, Anna Ruth!

Anna Ruth is becoming so grown-up! She is a sweet, very loving, talkative, emotional, expressive, opinionated, girly-girl. She loves to dance, sing, laugh, and be tickled. She is into all things girl: baby dolls, dress-up, jewelry, shoes, lipgloss, purses, barbies, dollhouses, princesses, etc. She has also gotten into horses recently. For her birthday, she requested a violin (which she did not get), a purple kite (which she did not get--I've had a hard time finding a purple one), a baby sister (which she did not get--that one's partly up to God anyway), and a horse cake (glad that I could come through on one of the requests!). I found some great directions online for making a horse cake, and it came out quite nicely, I think.
Anyway, we celebrated early over Thanksgiving with her cousins, and then we also celebrated on the actual day with both sets of grandparents. She got lots of fun stuff, including a great tutu made by Aunt Sarah! She loved wearing it to her ballet class.
She specifically requested a "man barbie" so that he could dance with her girl barbie. And she loved getting new outfits for her baby doll.

We love you, Anna Ruth! You're our little princess, and you bring so much joy into our lives. We are looking forward to another wonderful year with you!