Tuesday, April 25, 2006

"Baby Got Book"

If you want to know who God has for you, and if you've already missed out on the woman that was God's will for you to marry, then watch this edu-taining video.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Calvin on 1 Corinthians 11:16

I Corinthians 11:16 "If anyone is inclined to be contentious, we have no such practice, nor do the churches of God."

Calvin's Commentary:
16. But if any man seem A contentious person is one whose humor inclines him to stir up disputes, and does not care what becomes of the truth. Of this description are all who, without any necessity, abolish good and useful customs — raise disputes respecting matters that are not doubtful — who do not yield to reasonings — who cannot endure that any one should be above them. Of this description, also, are those (ἀκοινώνητοι) would be singular persons 641 who, from a foolish affectation, 642 aim at some new and unusual way of acting. Such persons Paul does not reckon worthy of being replied to, inasmuch as contention is a pernicious thing, and ought, therefore, to be banished from the Churches. By this he teaches us, that those that are obstinate and fond of quarrelling, should rather be restrained by authority than confuted by lengthened disputations. For you will never have an end of contentions, if you are disposed to contend with a combative person until you have vanquished him; for though vanquished a hundred times, he would argue still. Let us therefore carefully mark this passage, that we may not allow ourselves to be carried away with needless disputations, provided at the same time we know how to distinguish contentious persons. For we must not always reckon as contentious the man who does not acquiesce in our decisions, or who ventures to contradict us; but when temper and obstinacy show themselves, let us then say with Paul, that contentions are at variance with the custom of the Church 643

Monday, April 03, 2006

Overdue Update

An update on our lives is long overdue. On March 1st, Liv and I drove from Blacksburg, VA to our new home in Birmingham, Alabama. With the help of Liv’s mother and sister and some friendly locals, we moved into an apartment just outside of city limits.

God provided me with a job from MBA Structural Engineers, Inc. here in Birmingham. Here are a few of their largest projects. After 3 ½ weeks of work, I can say that I love my job. My bosses have been very knowledgeable and gracious and yet at the same time have been forcing me to learn on my own. I can’t imagine a better vocational situation than working under two believing bosses and being given the responsibility that I have been given.

As great as the work situation has been, other circumstances have not been quite as promising. Most importantly, the main reason I applied to this job was the hope of a good church in Birmingham. Sadly, that church has not appeared to be quite what we expected, and though we have tried, we have been unable to get connected there. We have yet to find a church that would be an ideal match to our convictions, though we have been here for a month. We greatly miss our dearly loved spiritual brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers in Blacksburg. We are still hopeful that one of a couple of churches we have visited will be close enough to what we think the Bible teaches that we could serve there wholeheartedly.

It seems that race (and economic class) relations here are somewhat strained. Liv in particular has been treated badly in stores where she has been out of place as a non-white, lower-income individual, and yet when she has been to predominantly black areas to shop, she has been treated even worse. I, too have felt this when I have been out. This type of thing has been altogether foreign to us, though we both have grown up in what we once considered the Deep South.

One of the advantages of our new abode is living right down the street from the zoo. However, if one of these ferocious cats ever got loose, we’d be doomed. I’m not lyin’!

We also live right across the street from the famous (and free) Birmingham Botanical Gardens, where Liv and I have visited once already.

While we were gone, Anna Ruth laid back, chilled out, and watched the tube. What a couch potato!