Monday, April 03, 2006

Overdue Update

An update on our lives is long overdue. On March 1st, Liv and I drove from Blacksburg, VA to our new home in Birmingham, Alabama. With the help of Liv’s mother and sister and some friendly locals, we moved into an apartment just outside of city limits.

God provided me with a job from MBA Structural Engineers, Inc. here in Birmingham. Here are a few of their largest projects. After 3 ½ weeks of work, I can say that I love my job. My bosses have been very knowledgeable and gracious and yet at the same time have been forcing me to learn on my own. I can’t imagine a better vocational situation than working under two believing bosses and being given the responsibility that I have been given.

As great as the work situation has been, other circumstances have not been quite as promising. Most importantly, the main reason I applied to this job was the hope of a good church in Birmingham. Sadly, that church has not appeared to be quite what we expected, and though we have tried, we have been unable to get connected there. We have yet to find a church that would be an ideal match to our convictions, though we have been here for a month. We greatly miss our dearly loved spiritual brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers in Blacksburg. We are still hopeful that one of a couple of churches we have visited will be close enough to what we think the Bible teaches that we could serve there wholeheartedly.

It seems that race (and economic class) relations here are somewhat strained. Liv in particular has been treated badly in stores where she has been out of place as a non-white, lower-income individual, and yet when she has been to predominantly black areas to shop, she has been treated even worse. I, too have felt this when I have been out. This type of thing has been altogether foreign to us, though we both have grown up in what we once considered the Deep South.

One of the advantages of our new abode is living right down the street from the zoo. However, if one of these ferocious cats ever got loose, we’d be doomed. I’m not lyin’!

We also live right across the street from the famous (and free) Birmingham Botanical Gardens, where Liv and I have visited once already.

While we were gone, Anna Ruth laid back, chilled out, and watched the tube. What a couch potato!


RobU said...

2 bosses? What is this -- Office Space?

rich said...

Hah! It's an employee-owned company. Three guys have ownership. So I call them my bosses. But they don't all have the same role (one runs a smaller office, and one is kind of the human affairs guy for the company). One of them is majority owner and he really runs it. But they're all great engineers.

Good to hear from you, though. NBA playoffs are coming up. I haven't posted on the NCAA championship. I need to do that soon. With my basketball posts, I think I'm going to do something really big, so I never finish any of them.

RobU said...

And I look forward to reading whatever you put up. Dave and I may try to get to Birmingham soon since we have family there. We'll have to look you up!

rich said...

That'd be great. We'd like to have y'all over for dinner, if you'd like. However, I'm nervous about giving my phone # out on the internet, and we're not in the phone book yet. If you give me your email, I could send it to you.

jess said...

Very cute pics of Anna Ruth! And that's a great pic of Liv in front of spring blossoms! I wish I lived next door to botanical gardens instead of a lovely green dumpster. :) That's quite a cool cat, as well.... Anyways, hope you 2 don't deal with anymore discrimination--I get Southern "hate" all the time, but it just means they're jealous. ;) Later!