Friday, February 27, 2009

How bout dem Citadel Bulldogs?!

The Citadel basketball team this year is like something out of a dream. We were pretty loyal fans last year (resulting mainly from getting free tickets to the games), and we suffered through their amazingly horrible season of conference games ending up with only 1 win and 19 losses. We still had hopes, though, of a better team this year, and now we are seeing our hopes realized. Their season this year is so far 14 wins and 4 losses in the conference (in which they are now number 2). And we are on an 11-game winning streak. Pretty amazing since that has not happened in 75 years of the history of the school. Up until last night we had not been to any games this season because of a couple reasons (namely, a newborn and the result of a newborn--no sleep), but we finally decided we just had to make it to the last 2 home games. Last night they played Furman, and it was a great game! They were very close during the whole first half, but then Citadel dominated in the second half, giving us a big win of 75-54. We dressed the kids up in their Citadel shirts and brought them along, and Anna Ruth ended up really getting into the whole cheering and taunting thing. She was even yelling "airball, airball" with the cadets after one Furman guy airballed a 3-point shot. Fun stuff. Check out the cute pics.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

With justice he shall judge the world, all men with equity

“It is the submission only of the body, not of the soul. Humbled before the God who chastises him, the Calvinist remains the relentless judge of the despot who oppresses him. There are submissions more deadly to tyranny than insurrections would be.”
Emil Doumergue

Calvin la fondateur des libertes modernes – pg. 14

H.T.: Iron Ink

Friday, February 06, 2009

Check this out!

Here's a site with some amazingly cute kids clothes and a chance to win every 2 weeks.

Little Mommy

I've been working with Anna Ruth since before James was born on not yelling inside the house or car. She is pretty easily excited and can get quite loud. I wanted her to get in the habit of using her "inside voice" so that she would not wake up or scare James (not to mention keeping me from going deaf at an early age).
Well, I had to lay James down for a little while this morning while I changed his crib sheet. He was tired and unhappy and so was crying rather loudly. Anna Ruth went over to him and said, "James, James--inside voice."
I guess she's getting it.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

"NBA, here I come!"

James is suited up and ready to be an all-star.
But James, you look so sweet; you're supposed to be intimidating...

That's much better, James.
Now that's a game face. Don't mess with James.