Thursday, August 07, 2003


Well, a certain friend of mine knew a girl whom he dated for some time that had a blog. In that blog, during the time which they dated, she never once mentioned the ongoing relationship that they had. Nor did she mention the person whom she was dating. Though he (the friend) looked faithfully to see if there was any hint of something important going on in her life related to a dating relationship, he did not see it. This, along with other factors, helped him to see that she did not consider their relationship to be a significant part of her life, and though he was slow to deal with it, he eventually caught on. For those of you who wonder why I have not included such details in my blog, I suggest that you read the rest of the entries; do they seem like important segments of my life? The obvious answer is no. However, the real reason I have not posted anything is that I have been busy.

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