Friday, December 15, 2006

It's a Bug's Life

Anna Ruth's hair is in that stage where it's long enough to get in her face and look messy, but yet not quite long enough to put in cute little pony tails. When I tried the other day it came out looking like this. She ended up looking like a bug with funny antennae rather than a little girl. Rich added that she also looked like an alien...but, I think I may still continue to do her hair like this because it gets a lot of laughs. What do you think she looks more like--a bug or an alien?


Memaw, Carol, Judith said...

Judith says a cute alien, but could pass as a bug, Carol says she's not sure but she's a cutie wootie, Memaw says she's precious however she looks!! Hugs and kisses!

Gramps said...

Pass her near me, I'll give her a hug!