Friday, June 22, 2007

Color Wonder

I recently received a Target gift card, and yesterday I ventured out to Target to browse and find something I might want to buy for myself. I spent about an hour or so, looking through the housewares, clothes, games, and scrapbooking supplies. All during this time I was constantly handing Anna Ruth crackers and juice, and offering encouraging words like "We're almost done" and "I'll let you down in just a minute". So naturally, I ended up buying Color Wonder paper and markers for Anna Ruth. I'm sure most of you have heard of this stuff, but it's really cool! The markers are clear, and they only mark on the special paper you buy. They don't mark on skin, clothes, carpet, walls, or whatever else little kids tend to draw on. When we tried them out, I was happy for that when Anna Ruth decided the markers were lipstick and proceeded to "color" her lips. I did eventually convince her to try them out on the paper, and she really ended up enjoying it. Here is her masterpiece:


Anne U. said...

Well Miss Anna Ruth appears to be quite the artist! I'm glad you guys are doing well.

I haven't had a chance to see Lisa recently, so tell her congrats (or best wishes?) for me!

Olivia said...

Hey Anne,
How are you doing? Haven't heard what you're up to lately... Hope things are going well.
I'll definitely tell Lisa.
Thanks for the comment!

Memaw H. said...

I hear Anna Ruth's lips may be very blue and red recently from her fall, or is that a joke????

olivia said...

Well, they were red for a couple days, but everything is healing up very nicely, and it doesn't look bad at all anymore.