Thursday, December 06, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday, Anna Ruth!

We actually celebrated Anna Ruth's birthday early this year, since my family was gathered together for Thanksgiving.
Anna Ruth enjoyed her chocolate cake that her Aunt Lisa made for her, and all her great presents.
As if that wasn't enough, she's having another party on Saturday
with Rich's parents with more cake and presents.
Check back soon for more pictures!


AJ&T said...

Alison and I are so glad to hear you guys are doing well. Anna Ruth looks so much bigger since we last saw her!

Alison, John & Thomas

Olivia said...

Thanks for checking the blog...we were afraid we might have lost our readership, since we had been so slack in updating it.
Yes, Anna Ruth is getting bigger every day--as I'm sure little Thomas is! Would love to see a picture of him! If you send out a Christmas pic, please put us on your list!
Miss you guys, and hope y'all are doing well.