Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Waterfront Park

Ok, so this is a little bit late, but things have been busy around here (well, to tell the truth, it hasn't been that busy, but I've been so tired) and it's taken me forever to get these pictures off the camera. I guess to start the story I should mention that my Dad usually has a summer job, but this year it didn't pan out, so he's been taking the summer off involuntarily. BUT, it has been good timing, since his past school year was so rough. Anyway, since he doesn't have a job, he was able to come with Mom to spend time over at my house. The week that these pictures were taken we decided to have an outing downtown, which included shopping and lunch at Waterfront Park. We thought Anna Ruth would love splashing around in the pineapple fountain, but her unpredictable self decided that she was scared and did not want to set foot in it. So, we got this picture of her in front of it, and that about sums up the experience.
We ate our lunch over where the swings are (in the shade), and then swung (swang?) for a while with a cool breeze refreshing us. Here's a pic of Dad and me with Anna Ruth and then one of Anna Ruth with Lita and Pop-Pop. Did I mention how great it is being back in Charleston with parents around?

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