Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Reunion Recap

I just wanted to write a recap of the first-ever 10-year Charleston Christian School (CCS) reunion. When Rich and I found out we were moving back to Charleston, I realized that it would be a great time to organize a reunion for my 8th-grade class, since May 2008 marked 10 years from our graduation. I began searching for my classmates, and found out that many of them are still in the Charleston area and were very interested in coming. I also realized that there were students who had been in our class for many years, but did not end up graduating with us that also were excited about the idea of seeing people again. So, it ended up being more of just a CCS reunion rather than specifically 8th-grade class. (which was great!) Anyway, the reunion was held at my house to lend a more intimate setting, and we all had a great time talking about old times and remembering stories from our days at CCS. We had BBQ sandwiches, chips, potato salad, beer, some really nice wine (provided by Mandy DeVries, who is a specialty specialist for EarthFare), and a variety of desserts. We partied late into the night, and the last guests left around 12:30am. We felt like the evening was a success, and everyone agreed that we would NOT wait another 10 years to get together again!
Below is a picture of those who attended (including spouses and significant others of the CCS-ers).
(Standing, from left to right): Greg, Mindy DeVries, Ian, Mandy DeVries, Ashley (Deaton) Russell, Jon Russell, Brian Muller, Michael Campbell, Rob Moller (cut off, unfortunately)
(Seated, from left to right): Lauren Edewaard, Stephanie Blanton, Olivia (Moller) Hamlin, Rich Hamlin, Joe Faust

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MIchael said...

It was a blast seeing everyone again and catching up. We'll have to do it again sooner than later.