Monday, September 13, 2010

Old project

This is an old project that has been completed for a couple months, but I never got the chance to post a picture of the finished product since I was not keeping up with blogging at that point.  I smocked this dress for Anna Ruth.  Her favorite color is purple, so she loves this dress.  This was my third smocking project, and the most challenging one so far.  The small little roses were hard for me to get the hang of.  The funny thing is, the ones on the back look the best since they were the final ones I completed, but they just get covered up by her hair when she wears the dress!  Oh well.  Now I am trying to figure out a pattern for a maroon dress for Anna Ruth for the fall that will match a maroon outfit for James.  I was thinking of something like fall leaves on her dress and rakes on his outfit or something like that.  Any bright ideas?

1 comment:

rich said...

How about, "VT" with the fall leaves?