Monday, March 18, 2013

A Knight with His Princess

Our homeschool support group had a sweet event this past weekend--the Daddy/Daughter Dance.  It was a great opportunity for Rich and Anna Ruth to have some time together.  I found a beautiful dress for her at Ross for a great price, and she was so excited to wear it and see Rich's reaction.  I also made her a pearl bracelet to go with it, and she wore the pearl necklace that Daddy gave her for her 5th birthday.  She chose her own hairdo from a website that we use called Babes in Hairland.  If you'd like to try it, click here.
She's getting so grown up!
Love those dark eyelashes--she has natural God-given mascara!

Rich and his princess

view of the hairdo
close up
I also made 100 decorated cookies as favors for the girls at the dance.  It turned out to quite a bit more work and time than I anticipated, but I was glad that they turned out so well, and that the girls enjoyed them.
Josiah had a huge fit seeing all these cookies on the table and being told he could not have one!

I found some decorating ideas online, and it was fun to try them out

I loved using the little pearl decorations

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Anonymous said...

I love the hair! :) Looks like a fun night :) We are involved with LCHEAH as well :) I know a lot of the people loved it :)