Sunday, October 15, 2006

The long awaited "Beer-On-A-Shoestring Rankings" have begun

My wife has informed me that the blog should be renamed "Hamlin Hoopla." Hopefully, I can begin to rectify this sad state of affairs.

Our finances have forced the masculine member of this family to curtail his consumption of barley-based alcoholic beverages. However, dire times though they may be, they have not yet forced the apocalyptic last call. (Note: in reality, there will be no apocalyptic last call, as we will be sitting around the Lord's table, drinking the most complex wine (for the first time for Jesus since the Last Supper). But for effect, I will continue...) Beer's great advantage over wine is cost. However, back in Blacksburg, I had become spoiled. Free beer tastings every Friday had enabled me to enjoy the finest of domestic and imported liquid cuisine while making the salary of a student. Here in Alabama, a supposedly conservative government has taxed alcohol nearly back to Prohibition, while also banning the best of beer from the state altogether (alcohol percentage cap). There has had to become a beer-imbibing strategy of sorts. I have begun to work my way up the cost/quality ladder of beer. Knowing full well that Bud/Miller/Coors would not get me up the first step of this ladder, I began with the next cheapest beer I could find. Wal-Mart sells Yuengling Black and Tan for $5.34 /six pack. I began there. I will admit being disappointed. I remember having one bottle that I really enjoyed, but on most days, the beer barely tasted. For the last two weeks, I have been sipping on Michelob's Amber Bock ($5.84/six pack at Wal-Mart). I would rate this beer equal to Yuengling Black & Tan in terms of quality, and I prefer the Black & Tan genre to that of the Amber Bock. For the price, both are ok, and if times become more desperate I may have to revert back. For now, however this is my ranking. For beer enthusiasts on a shoestring, keep an eye out, as this blog will be carrying a live updated ranking complete with prices in the upcoming months.

I sure miss the old days...

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