Saturday, April 28, 2007

How much is this worth?

China's One-Child policy is no all bark-no bite policy. News has leaked of some recent cases of brutal enforcement of that policy. As the article describes, Chinese officials are currently worried about their public image. They probably don't have reason to worry, because they still make the cheapest products. If you really want something, you can get it for half the price by buying Chinese.

Though we are too materialistic to let news like this bother us for more than a day, perhaps we should. Considering the communist Chinese government's role in and benefit from their industry (which, unlike the U.S. gov't, is direct, rather than indirect), we ought to realize that our purchases do impact that government greatly, which is why their government cares about how their image will be affected by this.

Is there an electronic or plastic item that would be a wonderful addition to our home? Perhaps we should consider a more expensive version made in another country. Can we not afford it? Then perhaps we can do without. Especially when we consider the alternative. Is this wonderful improvement to the life of my family worth funding the forced murder of unborn children?


Memaw Hamlin said...

It was recently in the news that most of China's medicinal components ans fruits/veg. that we import from them is polluted with known cancer causing agents and that the companies which purchace these items in the US are knowingly looking the other way. We are eating/taking medicines which are poisoned just for an extra buck in our pockets! How are them apples?

rich said...

While the problem that you speak of is less morally outrageous than the one on my post, it does help to paint a picture of a Chinese gov't founded on amoral principles.