Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Vocab 015

Anna Ruth's vocabulary changes so quickly, so I wanted to make a list of her current vocab at 15 months. So, while I was at it, I thought it might be a fun thing for all of y'all to see, too.

Words: Dadda, Mama, baby, bear, ball, all done, bye-bye, amen (at the end of prayers and hymns, as well as at the end of books, turning off the TV, vacuum cleaner, etc... (We're still trying to explain the appropriate times to say it)), hey, owl, duck, dah (dog), hair, shirt, shoe, box, off (whenever a light is turned off), ra-ra (cracker), juice

Phrases: What's that?, It's a baby.

Signs: juice, eat, more, please, all done, milk (working on thank you)

Other interesting happenings and hobbies: LOVES books, LOVES dogs, dances to music (doesn't quite get rhythm yet), fake laughs (whenever she hears anyone else laughing), gives kisses (and says "Mmwah" while doing it), gives hugs (pats or rubs shoulder, also), points to parts of body when asked where they are, makes animal noises (monkey, dog (barking and panting), lion, snake, bee)

In addition
to saying "shoe",
Anna Ruth has
also begun to
find my shoes
and try to walk
around in them.

It doesn't
usually turn out
very well, but she
is never daunted
by the idea of
trying again.

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Gramps said...

Those are some big shoes to fill.