Sunday, July 01, 2007

Feminism in the PCA

One of the most serious problems in the PCA right now is the encroachment of egalitarianism. A Denver, Colorado church has hired a female Covenant seminary grad as "Minister of Church Life" (their own words). The obvious problems with this action are claimed to have been dealt with in a position paper done oby the church there. The pastor there claims that this is merely a semantic issue, not to be blown out of proportion or confused with anything bad, which, of course, they wouldn't do. Any PCA elder or member ought to be concerned with this issue. At least two pastors in the PCA have already dealt with this in writing, actually dealing head-on with the position paper that supposedly will clear the air, showing that it, in fact, reveals the problem to be as deep as is first supposed. Because the paper is fairly long, and others have already done good work in dealing with it, I will link to these discussions. The first deals with the paper directly, while the second is not as direct. Please read these.

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