Monday, July 23, 2007

Theocracy or theocracy

Lots of articles from this guy lately, I know... Here is another one from Doug Wilson, and I promise, it, too, is worth reading. One thing that Reformed theology has always stressed is that nature abhors a God-shaped vacuum. That is, there is no such thing as a person or culture that does not serve a god (or God). So, the calls for God to be taken out of government ring hollow, as the only reason we want God out, is so that we can have another god in his place. This god, in its tamest form, is a god of liberty and tolerance, but even if tame, no false god is good or powerful. No different than Gomer's other clients, this god forces payment from those who prostitute themselves to it.

It would be bad enough if Christians in this country had decided that a morality could exist apart from the worship of the Lord Jesus. Here we would have only denied that God's character is that which defines good, and that His worship is the foundation of good morality.

Unfortunately, the problem is even deeper. The thing is that we Christians don't want the God of the Bible too close to us. We're not sure if we really like how he dealt with nations that did not worship him, so we don't want to align ourselves too closely with him. Not only do we not believe God to be good, we even cast judgement from our lofty seat in the courtroom of fools.

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