Friday, March 06, 2009

Foods you either LOVE or HATE

I found this article to be fun to read. It talks about the top foods people either LOVE or HATE. Here's the list, along with my opinions:

1. white chocolate--I generally don't like white chocolate unless it's melted on pretzels. It's just a little too sweet and makes your stomach hurt quickly.

2. cilantro--I really enjoy this herb on Mexican food, though I do often forget to include it.
3. eggplant--I haven't eaten much eggplant, but when I have, I like it. I've had it fried (which was really good, but I wonder how much nutrition is left in the vegetable if you fry it), and also in some Italian casseroles.
4. coconut--Mmmm...I really love coconut shrimp and coconut macaroons and Mounds candy bars.

5. tomato--I eat tomato all the time and love it!
6. anchovies--Here's the first one that I really hate. I have tried them, because my dad loves to eat them on his pizza, but they are majorly disgusting. Way too salty, smelly, and boney...
7. black licorice--I really wonder about people who like this stuff. Now, I love the red licorice, but black licorice is nothing like it. Just really really gross.

8. stinky (strong) cheeses--I really like cheese, but when it comes to the strong smelling ones, I'm not a fan.
9. mayonaise--Yes, I'm a wierd one for liking mayonaise. It's the only condiment I like on my meat sandwiches. I also like it on hamburgers and hotdogs along with ketchup.
10. bell pepper--Here's where I draw the line. I really don't like ANYTHING with red, green, yellow, orange (or whatever color they come in) peppers. I don't even like to smell them. That's why I don't make fajitas. (Sorry, Rich.)

11. beets--These things seriously make me gag.

I think brussel sprouts should have made the list. Those things are so horrible, that they became a punishment in my house growing up. If you complained about the food my mom made, you had to eat brussel sprouts and water instead. It only happened once; after that, we were always perfectly grateful for the food my mom put on the table (at least outwardly!). :)

What about you? Which ones do you LOVE or HATE? Which ones would you add to the list?


Carol said...

I would say olives, but it may be less of love/hate than really like/don't care for at all...

But I can't IMAGINE hating white chocolate!! Poor deprived tastebuds!

Philip and Renie said...

Mmmm, bleu cheese! You're missing out! I hate beets too. And as far as anchovies are concerned, the only thing they are good in is a good homemade bleu cheese dressing!

Memaw Hamlin said...

I have to agree with Carol on the white chocolate!!! I love to eat raw peppers of any color, however, my stomach cannot handle them! Anchovies......can't stand them!!

the skocelai said...

Coffee is another love/hate. Eric is stunned than something that smells so good can taste so bad. But me, I have to cut myself off at one pot a day. I love the stuff!

phil george said...


this is phil george. give me a call or send me an email, would love to talk to you. your family is beautiful. hope all is well.

Aurelia said...

Olivia, loved your comments about each particular food--esp. the brussel sprouts which by the way Laura and I love to eat!! :) I still have this vivid picture of Lisa eating an orange in MMO up against the back wall and utterly hating every moment of it. (I've always wondered why she just didn't swallow it and get it over with!!) Instead she sat there for a VERY long time laboring with it. Poor thing!

Now I do agree with you about anchovies and licorice--not my cup of tea at all! Everything else I love to eat, but ONLY if it's organic!! :)