Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Countdown Begins...

10 DAYS!
I just found out that my c-section has been re-scheduled for November 14 instead of November 17. So, the countdown until the baby boy gets here has begun sooner than expected. As of today, it is 10 days until we get to see his little face and hold him in our arms. We are all really excited, but especially me because of how uncomfortable I am. The nerve pain in my legs combined with pressure on my bladder makes me wake up every 2-3 hours throughout the night. As a result, I'm feeling the effects of not getting any deep REM sleep. I know that once he's born, this will be the feeding scheule anyway, but as soon as he begins sleeping for 5 hour stretches, I think I'll feel like a new woman!

As part of the countdown (though not always related), I will be posting pictures that I've been meaning to post anyway. Check back everyday for an update and new pictures!

Anna Ruth and I at the Columbia Zoo at the beginning of October.

Anna Ruth riding Clifford, the big red dog at Chuck E Cheese's (and yes, that's a fake smile).

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