Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Great Kids Clothing; Great Givewaway!

Here is a website with a great giveaway of a dress and skirty by Amoretti. If you've never seen this clothing line, check it out; it is adorable!


Surratt Family said...

Hey, This message is for Rich. I noticed a comment that you left on a blog about Seacoast Church. I am a Pastor at Seacoast and would love to talk with you more about your concerns. If you are interested in chatting, my email address is joshsurratt@seacoast.org. We are both worshiping in the same community so I would love to be able to address any of your concerns. I apologize for contacting you via a comment on your blog. Feel free to delete it if you would like. Thanks!

In Christ,

Josh Surratt

Carol said...

It has now officially been 2 months since your last post, Hamlins. I am getting a little impatient.
Love, Carol