Wednesday, March 02, 2011

2 down, 2 to go...

Here's the latest completed smocking project--another dress for Anna Ruth.  This was by far the most complicated pattern I have tried, but it was fulfilling to finally get it done.  I really like how it turned out, and Anna Ruth keeps asking when she can wear it to church. 

close-up view of the butterflies
I am now working on a more elegant design on a pale blue dress, and I hope to be able to get that done before Tuesday.  We'll see...  I was supposed to get an outfit done for the new baby, but I ran into a problem with the size of the design, and I'm not sure I'll be able to do it.  I will not be getting that one done before he comes, but it's a 6-9 month outfit, so I have a little bit of time to get it done.  More updates to come!

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Memaw Hamlin said...

Great job Liv!!!!