Monday, May 16, 2005

Getting into the swing of things,

Well, now that I’m married, my wife is pregnant with our first child, and I am more than halfway through grad school at Va. Tech, I am going to begin talking about important things. That’s right, the NBA Playoffs have started. As much as I like the NBA, I love the playoffs. Every game is very important; great players rise above, but even more so, great teams rise above, and teams’ contrasting styles and personnel are tested and compared. Liv and I have watched two playoff games so far, though, because we aren’t able to get ABC, and we don’t have cable. The highlight reels at have served as our sustenance in this staple food group. Dallas is still in the playoffs, fighting off their opponents and all the prognosticators, who have predicted sweeps by the opposing teams in each of their first two rounds. Dirk Nowitzki, however, is the real issue. The German Bird finally had his first “Ri-Dirk-ulous” game of the playoffs in game 4 of the Phoenix series, and even that was only about par for him. Unless he starts playing better, I don’t believe that Dallas can put away the Suns. (I feel obligated to make some sort of prediction when I’m discussing the playoffs.) Right now, however, the series is tied 2-2, with the winner facing the winner of the San Antonio/Seattle series (also tied 2-2).

Continuing on the playoffs thread, Liv has decided, against her God-given authority (me), that she will cheer for the San Antonio Spurs, one of the most-hated teams for a Mavs fan. Obviously, she is in sin; however, I have decided not to fight this battle and to hope that God will convict her in a two-fold manner: first, that the San Antonio Spurs are, by virtue of having the softest players in the NBA, a Frenchie for a point guard, and Robert Horry as a valuable back-up, not going to win the NBA championship (and if they do, are not going to deserve it); and second, that her husband is in the right, and she should have found something about the Mavericks to cheer for all along. Not that she would have to look very hard, though, because a 7-foot tall, fade-away shooting, 3-point nailing, ball-handling German wizard of a basketball player is reason enough in and of himself.


Anonymous said...

Ben @ 1:11AM | May 17th 2005|
Rich, great to hear from you my friend! I hope you are enjoying BEAUTIFUL Blacksburg. Looks like our basketball team decided to start playing well during you tenure at Tech. By the way, I swear you look like Dirk Nowitzki! Anyways, God bless my friend
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Bryan said...

Bryan Miller @ 1:37AM | May 17th 2005|
Hey Rich!

Congratulations x 2!!! You're gonna be a Daddy soon! That's great. Are you feeling all the pressures of married life that I am? Not because it is BAD, but just because you are now so RESPONSIBLE for your wife, and Baby. It has felt overwhelming sometimes for me. Things are going very well though, and we have a great marriage.

Tell your wife to keep cheering for the Spurs so that the baby will learn what's up before it can get corrupted by Dad!! We also have no cable or ABC, so I have only seen 1 playoff game thus far and the Spurs lost!! But maybe after finals... hopefully the Spurs will still be playing. Otherwise I will cheer for the Mavs (or maybe the Suns, or the Heat).

Glad to see you're doing well, bro. I'll come visit your blog from time to time...


rich said...


I just wanted to let you know that I have never had such trouble reading a blog as I had when viewing yours.

rich said...


In response to you, I thought we might do a post soon on just how beautiful Blacksburg really is right now, complete with a picture or two. Any special requests?


ahamlin said...

Hey..I'm cheering for whomever Liv is cheering for!!! Hey Liv we're in this together!!! Go Spurs go Spurs go Spurs

rich said...

How soon were you saying you wanted to come up again? We might be busy then. Yeah, I'm thinking we will be busy.