Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Late night

The Mavs are very frustrating. They've had the lead most of the game, and had it at the beginning of the 4th quarter. Something happens to them when the pressure's on, though. I think it's a conspiracy by the refs. Anyway, there's less than 5 minutes left and they're losing by 9.

I've been reading Given For You, by Keith Mathison (loaned to me by my father-in-law). There's been a discussion of the historical Reformed take(s) on the Lord's Supper, and I'm mostly through a discussion of relevant Scripture passages. It's pretty difficult to read, at least for me. The scripture passages discussed are relevant, but they all seem kind of mysterious to me, no matter how you understand the Supper. Anyway, I hope to make a meaningful post about that sometime in the future.

Liv's feeling pretty bad lately. The first tri-mester will be over soon. I (and she) are looking forward to that. She has been wonderful to me in the midst of her trial, and I haven't noticed a bit of crankiness on her part. Whether or not you might guess otherwise, Liv has been a big help with the re-starting of the blog. She is a little unfamiliar with the set-up, so she's gearing up to start posting soon. She should have some awesome stuff to talk about, b/c she's into science, and knows all kinds of cool facts, including many about pregnancy. We've got some plans in the works for some exciting material soon. We'll keep you updated.

Signing off...(with Dallas still down 9 and 52 seconds to go--I can't believe Amare Stoudemire still only has 3 fouls!)

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ahamlin said...

Hey son! I'm upstairs reading yours and Liv's blogs. Judith and Keith are at the beach but by the way Daecon is barking I'd say they might be back. You watching the basketball games?? Your dad and I watched the one you're talking about. Carol just got back from taking the puppies on a walk. Anyway...the games are pretty exciting... Hey, though..hope the senior project is going well... talk to ya later no. one son. Unless the little one is a boy then you'll have to relinquish the title oh.....maybe you can keep it but there will be the no. one grandson! Love yall!