Friday, May 20, 2005

Priscilla Owen

Senate minority leader Harry Reid has called (appeals court nominee) Priscilla Owen's written dissent in a case concerning parental consent for abortion (click here to see the decision; see page 70 to see Judge Owen's opinion in question), a case of judicial activism. Consider for yourself if it is a case of judicial activism, or a reaction against that. You will see that Reid is very comfortable with double-speak. This description (by Reid) is so far from the truth, that no person, not even someone idealogically opposed to the ramifications of her dissent can actually believe this lie, with real knowledge of the facts. Senator Reid hopes that voters will never see the facts, and trust him.

At least the senators are seeing that everything important that they can do has to do with the appointment of justices, since they are the ones who really run the country.


RobU said...

Don't get me started on Senator Reid! :)

rich said...

So, what else is up with Reid?