Thursday, May 19, 2005

The long-awaited blog from Liv is finally here...

My topic of choice is the main thing that occupies my life and thoughts at this point in my pregnancy—morning sickness. First of all, let me clarify for everyone that this malady is horribly misnamed. I’m sure every mother will agree with me that this condition should be named ALL DAY, EVERY DAY sickness! I really didn’t understand that a person could feel so crummy and so tired until I experienced it. The only thoughts of comfort are that this will likely be ending in a couple of weeks, and I will get a baby out of this whole ordeal. Also, it does help that a lot of women have gone through the same thing (many of them much worse than me) and are able to sympathize.

But for those who can’t understand because they haven’t been through it, it can be hard to explain. I’ve found that with Rich. He just can’t understand how I can still feel tired after getting nine or ten hours of sleep at night. Or how one week I will crave bananas and the next week I can’t stand the sight of them. Or how I can be hungry, sit down to eat, eat two bites, and feel like I’m going to throw up if I eat any more. The recurring theme is, “What’s going on here?” But guess what? I’d like to know the same thing! Unfortunately, it remains a mystery for even the doctors and scientists seeking to find a cause or cure for morning sickness. Even in our age of discovery and technology, no one knows why pregnant women suffer from it.

As I mentioned earlier, though, I should start feeling much better as I head into the second trimester, my fourth through sixth months. Remember, to learn more, log onto on the Hoopla links.

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ahamlin said...

Hey Liv! Just trying to say hey and sorry to hear you're having to experience the pangs of morning daytime and evening sickness!!! It sucks... I know...Matzo crackers might help. I hope you will update us with pics of your side view as the baby develops!!! We love and miss you!!!